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03 10 2023

PESI apoya CIPRE 2023 Praga 3-5 Oct

  • Fecha de inicio 3 octubre
  • Fecha de finalización 5 octubre
  • LugarPraga
  • OrganizadorCIPRE

Descripción del evento

PESI es esponsor oficial del Congreso Europeo de Seguridad y Resiliencia de Infraestructuras Críticas, CIPRE-2023, que se celebrará en Praga los días 3-5 de octubre.

La Secretaría de PESI ha sido ponente en la edición anterior CIPRE-2022 (noticia en web PESI). Si algún Socio de PESI quisiera participar y no hubiera remitido propuesta de Ponencia por favor ponerse en contacto urgente con la Secretaría Técnica .

Más información en la Web oficial de CIPRE.


Critical Infrastructure Protection:

  • Planning for Disaster – Risk Management and Resilience (including pandemics)
  • Surveillance Systems – How Do We Manage Multiple Systems?
  • Human Assets – Selection, Training, Motivation
  • Flooding – Prevention is better than the cure, but we also need the cure!
  • Securing Waterside and Maritime Infrastructure – Whether that’s Oil and Gas Refineries, LNG, Ports, Power Stations
  • Ariel Assets – What’s the Future? – Fixed Wing, Rotor Craft, UAV’s, Satellites
  • Perimeter Security – Do long perimeters mean weak security?
  • PPPs
  • Critical Communications
  • Emerging and Future Threats, Identification and Management
  • Security and Resilience in Design
  • Modelling, Simulation and Metrics
  • Standardisation for Improving CIP Solutions
  • CNI Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
  • The Human Factor – Operator Protection
  • Energy Infrastructure Security
  • Transport Infrastructure Security
  • Telecomms Infrastructure Security
  • International and National Agency Co-operation
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordination
  • Identity Management & Access Control
  • Information exchange and interoperability

Critical Information Infrastructure Protection / Cyber Security:

  • Cyber security aspects on critical infrastructures (e.g. energy, telcos, transport, banks, health)
  • CIIP Policy
  • Cyber security strategies
  • Alerting systems and information exchange platforms for cross-border NIS cooperation
  • Integrated situational awareness; Data collection, abstraction, visualisation
  • Governance models, practices and escalation procedures for cyber crisis management
  • International NIS cooperation for incident management and response
  • Legal aspects of NIS cooperation and information sharing
  • Industrial Control Systems / SCADA security / ICS-CERT
  • Incident reporting
  • Information sharing
  • Public Private co-operation
  • Critical applications security

Información general de CIPRE.


Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe


We are proud to be partnering with PESI at this important annual in-person event…

3rd-5th OCTOBER 2023 – Prague, Czech Republic

Bringing together leading stakeholders from industry, operators, agencies, and governments to collaborate on securing Europe.

Venue: Ministry of Trade & Industry Buildings, Political Prisoners 931, Prague

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe brings together leading stakeholders from industry, operators, agencies, and governments to collaborate on securing Europe. The conference will look at developing on the theme of previous events in helping to create better understanding of the issues and the threats, to help facilitate the work to develop frameworks, good risk management, strategic planning, and implementation.

The integrity of critical infrastructures and their reliable operation are vital for the well-being of the citizens and the functioning of the economy.

Why the Need for Such a Discussion?

Visit CIPRE 2023 to learn about the importance of the updated NIS2 Directive…

An important discussion will centre around the EU cybersecurity rules introduced in 2016 and updated by the NIS2 Directive that came into force in 2023. It modernised the existing legal framework to keep up with increased digitisation and an evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. By expanding the scope of the cybersecurity rules to new sectors and entities, it further improves the resilience and incident response capacities of public and private entities, competent authorities, and the EU.

Businesses identified by the Member States as operators of essential services in the above sectors will have to take appropriate security measures and notify relevant national authorities of serious incidents. Key digital service providers, such as search engines, cloud computing services and online marketplaces, will have to comply with the security and notification requirements under the Directive.

Live and in person:

• High level conference with leading industry speakers and professionals
• Learn from experiences and challenges from the infrastructure and security companies, agencies and commercial organisations
• Gain insight into national and regional policy and security developments in relation to CIP
• Constructive debate, educational opportunities and cooperation advocacy
• Share ideas and facilitate in valuable inter-departmental, government and agency cooperation
• Exhibition showcasing leading technologies and products
• Networking events and opportunities

We are proud to be partnering with PESI at this important annual in-person event…

Mr Javier Larrañeta will be speaking at CIPRE in the following session: https://www.cipre-expo.com/session/crisis-management-coordination-communication/

Since 2007 Mr Javier Larrañeta has been Secretary General at PESI (Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety & Security) and Senior advisor for TECNALIA.

We look forward to seeing you in Prague, October 3-5, 2023!

Socio oficial de la Campaña europea sobre la evaluación de riesgos


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